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How many times have you attempted to lose
weight and keep it off?
Once… twice… three times or even more?

And when you'repainfully sweating up a storm at the gym weekly, are you barely noticing any difference in those unsightly rolls while others are sporting sexy, ripped, hard sculpted bodies that instantly turn heads? Do you cringe at the thought of having to go on another restrictive diet because you know it's going to mean feeling hungry, bouts of irritation and waves of guilt?

And how about those humiliating "weigh-ins?" When you have to get on those scales in front of a group of people —only to be horrified when you've realized you've gained instead of dropped — leaving you noticeably upset and humiliated!

If you are one of the millions ofpeople who struggle to lose weight and keep it off, you know exactly what I'm speaking about.

And if you're searching for a real solution to help put an end to:

  • Yo-Yo Diets that make you hungry and even fatter
  • Popping fistfuls of 'diet' supplement pills that still do nothing
  • Constantly watching your weight sky rocketupwards on the scales
  • Putting out the welcome mat to self-defeat and baggy clothes
  • Dragging yourself off to embarrassing public gym sessions

…Then consider this the answer! Why?

Because in the next few minutes, you're going to discover how my remarkable, Ripped Body Today program can help put an end to all your weight problems and even help get your health back on track.

In fact…

…this remarkable system for mental and physical transformation is so effective for your heart, body, and mind, it's GUARANTEED to work for you — or it's FREE!

Who Am I and Why Should You Trust Me?

Right now, you may be wondering how I can make such an incredible promise. Well,other than being a Professional Entrepreneur, motivator and training expertand the creator of Ripped Body Today which has got rave reviews from men and women who were struggling to lose weight and keep it off

…here's proof that I can help you.

My name is LANE OLSEN.

  • I'm the founder of Empowering You To A World Class Life, Fathers on Fire, Law of Abundance, Goal Setting University and Invest in Blue Chips programs
  • I've trained in numerous fields including Self-Improvement, Fitness, Leadership, Yoga, KravMaga and Meditation
  • I've amassed a large social following in the self-development and fitness industry with over 99,000 followers on Facebook
  • I've been an executive over a large corporation with responsibility over $120,000,000 in annual sales and over 1000 employees
  • I'm an author of multiple books, on the board of a major university and was judge for Miss Utah
  • I have spent more on self-development than most pay for a Yale Education.
  • And I've had the privilege of helping men and women transform the bodies of worldwide.

I have gone on to become a trusted authority in the health and self-improvement industry, helping countless people lose weightand improve their lives while saving them time and money by making sure they only get what is essential to achieve real results instead of programs which mislead.

A Proven Weight-Loss Promise!

Needless to say, I've helped thousands of men and women in this timeusing mybreakthrough systems for every kind of limiting belief, problem and challenge — includingweight loss.

But here's the important part…
…When you've got men and women around the world swearing Ripped Body Today helped them drop the pounds permanently

…Helped improve their health and took them from the DANGER STATE back to safe levels… …And even helped save them from anxiety, frustrations, pain, fear,mood swings and depression…
It's easy to make this type of guarantee!

I'm talking about people like…

"Lane is one of the most dynamic and amazing people I've been blessed to experience. He has a passion for life and a desire to share the knowledge he's learned to experience an extraordinary life. If you are looking for change, his influence is bound to transform your life."-
Marci Lock, TV & Radio's Nutrition-Fitness & Mindset Expert

"Using Lane's proven program has led to improving my Physical Health and Appearance, My career is at an all-time high! Put yourself first in life. Use Lanes program! I strongly urge you to give it a try It works!"-
JoDell Steele, Country Singer/Songwriter Nashville

"Lane has the ability to take you from where you are to where you want to be. His cutting edge ability to help you get the best out of your life. If you have the ability to work with him you will not be disappointed."-
Woody Woodward, CEO Emotional Fingerprint

"I've known Lane Olsen for almost 20 years. I've watched him become one of America's foremost experts in motivation, Goal Setting and Achievement. This program is fantastic, and yet it is merely of small piece of what Mr. Olsen has yet to discover, and share with the world. Can't wait to work through the entire program!"-
R.Dale Jeffery, author, Teacher and entrepreneur

"Lane Olsen is one of the most exciting individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. What stands out about Lane is how he manages to effectively balance his love for teaching others how to succeed with his love and commitment for family, for core values and for choosing to do what is right!"
David Slaughter, Author

Why are these guys and gals raving about Ripped Body Today and programs I have created?

Because quite frankly, what I teach — WORKS!

Real life stories like these are why I'm certain you can put an end to your worst weight gain and health problems.

But first, you may be wondering WHY IT WORKS…

Why Are Millions of Men and Women Still Struggling To Get Ripped?

This is the million dollar question.

Every year diet books fly off the shelves in record numbers.

Weight-loss centers are packed and thriving all around the world.

People from all walks of life are taking up one diet or another, and debating which one is best!

So why, in a world that's in the grip of diet madness, is one third of the world still overweight?

You know the answer as well as I do!

Restrictive dieting, for most, is about misery. Tasteless food and tiny portions, and then add to that excessive exercise that only a high-performance athlete could love and you have the recipe for failure!

And ifyou finally do reach your goal and start "living" again, you know what usually happens. Before you can blink, it's "Oh no, these clothes are getting tight again."

Of course, any successful weight loss program involves a change in both eating and exercise habits. But that always sounds easier than it is… right?

So what is the deal?

What Is The Long Sought Secret to a LEAN, RIPPED AND SEXY BODY?

Fact is…

It happens all the time: Two peopletry to lose weight, do exercises, and even pay attention to calories — yet one gets much better results than the other. One loses more weight, looks leaner and sexier, younger and confident showing offtheir newly defined, ripped body.

While the other becomes another failed diet statistic!


Because exercise is only one third of the equation;the other two thirds are nutrition and the mindsetof knowingwhat is actually going on behind the scenes that drives your thoughts, beliefs and ultimately your behaviours.

That's why at Ripped Body Today, our motto is, Change Your Mind, Change Your Body, Change Your Life. Because transformation begins first with your mind!

Read that again, as that is the KEY to why you can't get ahead — even if you have tried any KNOWN successful diet, gym membership or weight loss program.

You see, you don't need another restrictive diet that makes you hungry and grumpy.You don't need another excessive weight-loss program that makes you work out 1 hour a day, 6 days a week for 90 days. Even though there is no denying that can lead to results! You don't need to purchase another "fad" fitness machine at 1 a.m. in the morning while your channel surfing. You don't need pills, drinks or another yearly resolution that falls flat on its ass.What I'm talking about here is PERMANENT change, not a flash in the pan.

What you need is to get grounded in the reality of what really works

And what works is acomplete system that others confirm is FOOL PROOF!

But let's back up a minute here.

You see, so many men and women fail because they aren't dealing with the mind that is running the show. Let's call it your subconscious blueprint.

What do I mean by your subconscious Blueprint?

I'm speaking about your mental digital recorderthat holds every perception and experience you've have gained since a child, which forms the beliefs which drive your response and in turn creates your experience.

It's the very thing that both DRIVES and BLOCKS your desires in life.

Let me give you an example as most folks are "flying by the seat of their pants."

See if this sounds familiar…

  • You seeanINFO commercial for a fitness widget or a miracle pill promising that it will burn fat while you sleep, so you order it…
  • You get all pumped up when your friend tells you about some new supplement that is working for others…
  • You're swept up by another "new year's resolution" and somehow convince yourself when you're whipping out your money for that next great fat-loss programor gym membership that it's going to be different THIS time, and then you end up doing the same thing you did before and…


Because if you're like the countless men and women around the globe that are battling weight problems, you don't know WHY you keep falling back into old habits, so it's not long before you fall into the victim mentality and start blaming those family genes or give up trying to lose weight.

In fact, there's a very high chance that you have a garage full of old diet programs, calorie counting books, fitness videos and machines that are gathering dust.

But imagine if someone showed you how to overcome the mental barriers, nutritional mistakes and the physical limitations thatare destroying your chances of losing weight! And led you by the handthrough a combination of proven fitness and health strategies (detox, juicing, Paleo, meditation, nutrition, exercise, and even fasting)on how to focus your mind, end the roller coaster of weight gain, and effectively teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle so that you don't revert back to your old thinking and behaviours!

…Plus helped you without you having to leave the comfort of your home!

Well, that's why I created Ripped Body Today.

Only exactly what you need to get in the best shape of your life in as little as 30 days, thensee a dramatic shift within 90 days and then permanently!

Ripped Body Today

Finally — The Missing Link To Lasting Weight Loss!

Imagine being able to go through a comprehensive system and experience a shift in your thinking, eating and lifestyle so dramatic that it can create a physical transformation simply by replacing self sabotaging habits with positive ones and unleashing the ability locked up inside you towards reaching that goal of losing 5, 10 even 30lbs!

Imagine if you could eliminate the food cravings that destroy your chances of getting ripped,and gain the secret to permanently keep the weight off!.

…without enduring hunger pangs caused by restrictive dieting

…without excessive exercising that leaves you burnt out and unmotivated

…without pills, gadgets, the latest gimmick or supplements

Well, imagine no more. Becauseyou are going to get everything — nothing is left out.

If you are failing to lose weight and keep it off youNEEDRipped Body Today.

  • You get my unique Ripped Body Today system from an easy-to-navigatedownload area in 8 extremely high quality,weight loss and health eBooks that are proven to have worked for men and women of all ages and fitness levels
  • Exclusive step-by-step guidance inside each one on how to promote rapid weight loss, increase strength, create muscle mass and improve wellness for MAXIMUM and long lasting change
  • All in an easy-to-follow PDF formatthat can be conveniently digested in your spare time using any PC, MAC or Mobile technology

Ripped Body Todayowners truly have the ultimate weight loss advantage when they go through my downloadable system for mind, body and life transformation.

Just feast your eyes on an overview of what you'll gain inside Ripped Body Today…

Module 1 Detoxing Secrets for a Ripped Body

Of course cleaning out your body of dangerous toxins before you fill it with antioxidants, nutrients and everything your body needs to get healthy and ripped will only help you get in shape quicker — that's why I've put together an exclusive detox program that complements the Ripped Body Today system.Lose unwanted weight fast by getting rid of toxins that have made their way into your body through food, water, household items, cosmetics and products you use.

Inside this module:

  • Discover the truth behind why you feel sluggish, depressed, anxious, fatigued, unmotivated and suffer from irregular sleeping patterns and why you should combat toxins now rather than later
  • Know the surprising and often-overlooked dangerous foods, harmful lifestyle choices and environmental products that are damaging your body and keeping you fat
  • Learn which10 super-detox foods and 10 of nature's miraculous herbsmake detoxing your body in the shortest time possible a breeze instead of a headache
  • The "time bomb" ready to blow now inside your colon that can destroy your chances of getting ripped and five easy ways to cleanse, heal and reverse years of damage in your colon
  • 10 natural methods for boosting your immunity through detox, stacking the odds in your favour for keeping weight off so you can experience superior health and wellness

Module 2 Live Longer 12 Secrets to Better Sex

Since most people enjoy sex. I've put together a special collection of ancient Chinese secrets that originated from Taoist teachings along with Western and Eastern practices that will revive and enhance your sex life. For Ripped Body Today users, it's also a proven way to increase longevity, boost your immune system, libido and promote a healthy heart.

Inside this module:

  • How to take full advantage of natural herbal aphrodisiacs for men and women to unlock a newfound excitement for pleasure and pleasuring
  • A dirt-cheap, simple and astonishingly pleasurable way to boost your immune system and fight common illnesses without resorting to popping pills every flu season
  • What you must know about sex if you want to slow the sands of time and live longer
  • Detailed strategies on ways to increase your libido so you always have a strong desire for making love even as you age, your hormones change and even when life attempts to dull that flame of passion
  • The critical factors you must know if you want to promote a healthy heart through sex

Module 3 Get Ripped the Paleo Diet

If you work out a lot, take seriously what goes into your body or suffer from any digestive issues then you will love this valuable addition to the Ripped Body Today package. The Paleo diet will help you to know what our early ancestors knew about living healthy. Long before all the chemicals and harsh ingredients were introduced to your diet. This vital component is proven to reduce all manner of digestive problems, supercharge your athletic performance as well as enhance your body's natural ability to burn fat.

Inside this module:

  • Amazing insights into the research and benefits of a Paleo lifestyle along with a saner, healthier way to lower your blood sugar levels
  • The little-known reasons why grains can be harmful to your health and the kind of damage they inflict
  • 9 proven ways to end the rollercoaster weight gain with a Paleo lifestyle and gain your confidence back
  • Simple ways to enhance your performance so you can jump higher, run faster, lift heavier and blast through workouts with the right nutrition
  • How little adjustments in the way you look can greatly increase your chances of wowing friends, family and the opposite sex
  • Unlock unlimited energy using these 10 simple steps to increase physical performance, think sharp, combat stress levels, revive your sex life and stimulate your immune system

Module 4 Intermittent Fasting For a Ripped Body

Most people are "super busy" and that can mean they don't have the time to put together meals, even if they are as simple as the ones found inside Ripped Body Today. I researched, tested and evaluated the results of intermittent fasting throughout the day and week, and the type of results that can be gained if you want to shed up to 10 or 20 pounds of fat. You'll want to read through this, and see why some fasts leave you feeling hungry, while others don't if you want to lose weight quickly.

Inside this module:

  • Clear through the fog and allow me to dispel all the myths with some true facts about fasting
  • How to squeeze every second out of fasting using these safe, highly effective and proven intermittent fasting methods
  • Why even those who think it's a fad diet can use it to their advantage to safely melt away the pounds and get the body they've always dreamed about
  • The keys to maintaining stamina and an unlimited amount of energy while fasting
  • Easiest way to get a full nights rest and sleep better to prevent a weak immune system, avoid diseases or worse — cause you to crave food when you should be in dreamland.

Module 5 Meditation: The Fountain of Youth

If you can allow yourself to be still and mindful in meditation you can create massive change in your life. I'm talking about the kind of dramatic transformation that can improve the quality of your life in allthe areas that need improvement. Gain new ways to solve problems, and breakthrough health problems like common stress, high blood pressure and even aging challenges. This is a powerful READ for anyone looking to shed pounds of fat, slow down the hands of time and experience deep peace immediately.

Inside this module:

  • How to use the secrets of Western and Eastern meditation techniques to override stress and create a peaceful life
  • Why this "Natural" way of shutting out the noise of the world is the key to discovering your inner purpose
  • The key to creating simple movies in your mind so that can sharpen your perceptions, experience other dimensions of yourself and go beyond your present limitations
  • How to be healthier, wealthier and wiser through visualization so you can experience abundance in every area of your life including getting ripped
  • Best of all, how to feel good, in your body, mind and soul

Module 6 The Beginners Guide to Weight Loss

Discover the proven strategies and approach that other beginners around the world have used to quickly and painlessly transform their body, health and life and taken them from "being overweight" to "strong, lean, confident and pain free". Through a unique, time-tested nutritional plan that has worked for men and women of all ages, and body types.

Inside this module:

  • Find out the real truth to why fad diets and crazy exercises set you up for failure and how to naturally win the battle of the bulge
  • An eye-opening guide to the foods that promote weight loss and those that work against you
  • Delicious meal plans and recipesthat melt pounds and get your mouth-watering. You'll be wondering why you didn't think of these sooner
  • The keys to safely develop stronger muscles, a supportive core and eliminate fat quickly for more definition, power and strength through sports and athletic activities
  • How to experience increased energy, stronger bones and improve your overall health, mind and body using simple exercises
  • 5 popular and easy weight loss programs you can incorporate into your daily regime to help you get back into those sexy skinny jeans
  • Say yes to the reunion, photo shoot, wedding, and beach invitation with healthy eating and effective exercise that doesn't eat into your day

Module 7 TheSecret to Ripped Abs

Everyone has a six pack; you just need to know how to uncover yours. Dive into this often controversial area of weight loss, and hone in on that stubborn belly fat with core exercises that have been proven to give you the ripped, sexy, lean definition you deserve. Find out how to turn up your metabolic furnace using the right foods and diet, so you turn heads at the pool and beach for the right reasons.

Inside this module:

  • Why having a sloppy core could affect more than your health, it could be stopping you from looking good, attracting the opposite sex, having an easier birth and even gaining that job opportunity
  • Mouth-watering dietary secrets that can speed up your metabolism and guarantee a fat-burning spike that continues working long after you have stopped eating
  • Little-known techniques to burn fat, get ripped and build muscle without spending hours in the gym
  • How a simple adjustment in what you digest could safely and easily cause your body to naturally shed fat with ease
  • The 10 most effective Ab exercises that science has proven — work like "magic!"

Module 8 Juicing For a Ripped Body

Naturally drink your way to a better body, radiant skin, renewed energy and an amazing life from simply consuming tasty juice drinks. Thousands of men and women do it every day. They have laid aside diets and freed themselves from depression, unhappiness, tiredness and stubborn weight gain using the power of juicing and mouth-watering smoothies. I've tried to think of everything you need to shatter ever excuse or roadblock you've had standing in your way in your pursuit of a ripped, lean body. Adding this one thing to your daily regimen will transform your body, mind and emotions.

Inside this module:

  • Discover scrumptious fresh juices and smoothies you can make in under a few minutes that are mouth-wateringly tasty and leave you with a stronger immune system
  • Experience radiant skin, nails, hair and eyes with all the do's and don'ts of cleansing your body using juicing
  • Exactly how to "flush out" harmful toxins from your body safely, quickly and naturally using fruit and veggie juice so you can jump start your weight loss journey
  • Why even beginners can know what cleansing is and how to effectively use it to see a leaner, stronger toned body in the shortest time possible
  • The secret, almost automatic ways to ensure less inflammation, increased longevity, stronger libido and permanent weight loss using smoothies

By far this is the most effective answer for dropping pounds, staying healthy and feeling amazing permanently.

Look, picture yourself actually reading and going through Ripped Body Today… a weight loss system proven by countless ordinary people like you…and seeing and feeling real results for the first time.

Imagine the swelling confidence and sense of accomplishment at finally KNOWING and TAKING the steps that truly matter – the steps leading you to what you really want…

…being ripped, sexier and healthier with lean sculpted muscle!

  • Forget endless confusion
  • You won't have to feel overwhelmed
  • And you'll never again "feel hungry or miserable

Getting a straight honest solution with no LIES is critical if you want to really achieve permanent weight lossin the shortest possible time.

And that's exactly why those who have bought Ripped Body Todayhave had such a high success rate (and why you will too!)

How Much Would You Pay To Get Proven Health and Weight Loss and TrainingFrom A Professional —Without Leaving Home?

Listen... the fact of the matter is that none of this can happen unless you take action and unless you take the right path.

Right now you're standing a split in the road and I know it's not an easy decision to make as others have been right where you are.

They've shared their personal stories of failure and success with me.

But the old saying goes, if you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get the same results.

One path continues giving you the same frustration, humiliation and despair that maybe you've been feeling – the kind that robs you of your confidence, steals your motivation and no doubt — makes you want to quit altogether.

And the other leads to a new you.

One that looksripped —feels confident and has abundant health and energy!

And since the first step on your part is to take action. I want to make it as easy and painless as humanly possible.

And I know the one way to do that is to create IMMENSE Value

So I decided that even though I could easily charge people HUNDREDS for this because it will enable them to look and feel better than they ever imagined,I'd rather provide an offer that's just too hard to resist.

For Less Than A Fraction Of The Cost of a Good Meal You Can Have Me Divulge My Personal Weight Loss Secrets!

Well, let's do a fast comparison – last time I checked a gym membership for one person, never mind a familycan cost $40, more or less a month. That's$480 a year which will be absolutely wasted unless you change your mental blueprint.

I don't offer one-on-one consultations due to my busy schedule, but if you were to seek out a personal trainer. The typical price of ONE fitness training session with nutritional advice for 60 minutes can run you anywhere from $56 to $99 and upwards.

Think about that. That's per hour!

And chances are you would need multiple on-going sessions to cover everything that I include inside Ripped Body Today. As remember it's not just about exercise!

Alternatively you could purchase one of several of the 90 day fitness boot camp DVD programs that you see advertised on TV. The last time I checked those were $139.

But you are not going to be charged anywhere near those amounts.

To give you a way to try this out before you make a firm decision.

What I have decided to do is price "Ripped Body Today" low and fair.

And there's really no way to fully experience the power of this without ordering access to the product right now and going through it.

With that in mind, and because I truly want to help you, your total investment for the Ripped Body Today program, which includes complete access to all 8 comprehensive weight loss and health eBooks and any future updates is …

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Why am I willing to let you access all this for so low?

Well other than the fact that I'm betting, that once you've ordered and you got your hands on all this, I won't be able to pry it away with a crowbar!

There are 2 specific reasons:

  • I know that I have created a weight loss system that has immense value. I want to make sure you get the benefits of what cost me a hefty price to make and isn't available anywhere else – a system that is guaranteed to change your mind, make you lose weight and get ripped without having to endure restrictivebland diets, use machines or even go to the gym. Everything can be done within the comfort of your home.
  • I'm providing this from an honest sense of service and desire to help you get ripped and get in the best shape of your life. I've worked hard to put together acomprehensivehealth and fitness system that if you paid me for one-on-one time to learn this information you would be paying several thousand dollars. $34.99to try it out is a massive bargain!

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100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

You will FEEL and SEE the Differencethat

Ripped Body Today GivesOr You pay NOTHING!

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Lane Olsen

Professional Entrepreneur,
Motivator and Training Coach